Roundup Tracker Templates

The templates distributed with Roundup are stored in the “share” directory nominated by Python. On Unix this is typically /usr/share/roundup/templates/ (or /usr/local/share...) and on Windows this is c:\python22\share\roundup\templates\.

The template loading looks in four places to find the templates:

  1. share - eg. <prefix>/share/roundup/templates/*. This should be the standard place to find them when Roundup is installed.
  2. <roundup.admin.__file__>/../templates/*. This will be used if Roundup’s run in the distro (aka. source) directory.
  3. <current working dir>/*. This is for when someone unpacks a 3rd-party template.
  4. <current working dir>. This is for someone who “cd”s to the 3rd-party template dir.

Templates contain:

An example TEMPLATE-INFO.txt:

Name: classic
Description: This is a generic issue tracker that may be used to track bugs,
             feature requests, project issues or any number of other types
             of issues. Most users of Roundup will find that this template
             suits them, with perhaps a few customisations.
Intended-For: All first-time Roundup users